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Link for Hillcrest Middle School online physical and Emergency/Medical...

Links for Students and Coaches for Daily Health Assessment form:   TPS...

Return to Fall Athletics Plan – Part 1 The purpose of this...

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by posted 09/21/2020

Link for Hillcrest Middle School online physical and Emergency/Medical white card google form which must be completed for every athlete: 


Link for Madison Middle School online physical and Emergency/Medical white card google form which must be completed for every athlete:


Link for Trumbull High School online physical and Emergency/Medical white card google form which must be completed by every athlete:







by posted 08/31/2020

Links for Students and Coaches for Daily Health Assessment form:


TPS Students - Self-Check Health Assessment Form



For Coaches & New Trumbull Public School Students - Self-Check Health Assessment Form


by posted 08/31/2020

Return to Fall Athletics Plan – Part 1

The purpose of this plan is to provide a detailed description of how we intend to provide athletes, coaches and spectators with a safe and meaningful return to a fall athletic season during the COVID-19 pandemic while meeting State, CIAC, FCIAC and Trumbull BOE policies and guidelines.  Resocialization continues to be a focus of the State Department of Education and the CIAC.  Returning to athletics will provide each athlete the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally and physically after a prolonged period of isolation.

This plan is devised with the understanding that school will open following a hybrid school day model and may need to be adjusted slightly if that changes at some point.  The goal is to mirror a “typical” fall season as closely as possible with the understanding that this season will not look like or be the same as previous seasons. The policies below are in place to attempt to provide the safest environment possible and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Participation Requirements

All athletes will be required to fill out a daily self-health assessment form prior to participation.  The assessment contains the CIAC COVID-19 related health questions.  Additionally, the assessment asks the athlete if they have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and if they have recently traveled to any of the states on the State of Connecticut Travel Advisory List.  Students failing the Self-Health Assessment will see the Athletic Trainer or Athletic Director prior to participation and questioned.  If deemed appropriate, they will be put in the school isolation room until a parent is contacted and they are picked up.  Before returning to school, said athlete will need to see a physician and get approval to return to school.  Any student who has been exposed to a COVID-19 positive person or has recently traveled to a state on the Travel Advisory List will be required to meet current Department of Public Health requirements (which presently required that person to refrain from attending school and athletics for 14 days.).  In addition, the temperature of every athlete will be taken when they arrive for practice.  Any athlete with a temperature over 100.3 will be sent to the Athletic Trainer or Athletic Director for evaluation.  Students with a high temperature reading on multiple thermometers will be placed in the school isolation room until a parent is contacted and the student is picked up.  The student will need clearance from a physician prior to further participation in school or athletics.

Officials will be required to go through the same pre-participation protocol with the online self-health assessment and temperature check.


The CIAC has mandated a 2 week conditioning program for most sports consisting of fitness training and sport specific drills/skill work while athletes maintain a 6 foot distance from all other athletes and remain in cohorts of 15 or fewer.  During this time, coaches will assess skill ability and fitness.  Try-outs will be reduced from 3 days to 2 because of this additional 2 week assessment period.  Try-outs will not begin (except in swim and dive) until the 6 foot social distancing rule is lifted.  See try-out schedule below.

  • Soccer, field hockey, volleyball and cheerleading will begin conditioning on 8/27 and try-outs on 9/11 (cheerleading 9/14).
  • If swim needs to hold try-outs (depending on interest and pool restrictions), they will begin in their cohorts of 15 or fewer on 8/27 and try-outs will take place the first 5 days.
  • Football and Cross Country do not have try-outs.


All practices will be conducted with safety protocols in place (see details under each sport in Part 2) that strictly align with all CIAC guidelines and progressions.  Non-participants (coaches, managers, athletic training staff, etc.) will all wear facial coverings throughout all practices.  As per CIAC guidelines, athletes will not wear facial coverings during exertion but may be asked to wear facial coverings during walk-throughs and/or down periods.  Practices are proposed to be 5/6 days a week for varsity teams and 4-6 days a week for sub-varsity teams.  The Athletic Director will work with the coaches to schedule practices at various times if possible in an attempt to reduce the number of athletes on campus at one time and assist parents in getting athletes to practices.  On Monday’s, Tuesday, Thursday’s and Friday’s practices will not begin before 3:00 to help reduce traffic congestion after school.


In an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the FCIAC, in cooperation with the CIAC, has devised a schedule so that all contests will take place within a mini-region of the state.  Specific schedules are forth coming. No varsity sport will play more than 2 games a week.  The majority of sub-varsity games will be played on weekends - often just one contest per week. 


It is understood that athletes may be absent from practice more than usual (COVID signs, transportation issues, concerns from parents, etc.).  Coaches will be cognizant of these potential issues and accommodate students in a fair manner. 


The FCIAC plan has not been released yet.


Athletes will be required to bring their own water or sports beverage.  The school will only provide beverages in emergency situations.  Athletes will not be permitted to share beverages.  Athletes who fail to bring a beverage to practice or games may not be permitted to participate.


Visiting teams (with the exception of volleyball and swim) will not be permitted access to the building unless there is an emergency.  It is recommended that visiting teams be provided separate restrooms from spectators and/or the home team.  Therefore, porta-potties will be provided for visiting teams.


Transportation will not be provided to practices.  Students learning at home will be expected to arrange transportation to and from all practices.  Transportation will be provided to weekday games.  However, it will be strongly encouraged that parents provide transportation or that athletes with a license drive themselves.  Most sub-varsity games will be scheduled on Saturday.  Transportation will not be provided to weekend games.

Locker Rooms

Athletes will not have access to locker rooms with the exception of football.  Athletes learning at home will be expected to arrive in appropriate practice or game attire.  Athletes learning at school will be expected to wear appropriate practice or game attire to school with the exception of cleats.  Athletes will be expected to bring and keep any required practice gear that they are not wearing in their book bag.   Book bags will be brought to the field, pool or gym with them.  Every athlete will be encouraged to keep a garbage bag in their book bag for cases of inclement weather.  Swimmers will have access to a private bathroom to change in if desired.

Cleaning Equipment and Laundering Practice Gear

Each team will have a cleaning regimen (see details under each sport in Part 2) for their equipment.  Any cloth item (pinnie/helmet cap, etc.) used during practice will be washed by the athletic trainers at the end of every day.  In addition, hand sanitizer will be available throughout practices and games.

Process for when an athlete(s) or coach tests positive for COVID-19

  1. Inform Trumbull Department of Public Health, the Superintendent, Principal and Nursing Department immediately.
  2. While we are in cohorts, that cohort will be quarantined in alignment with Department of Public Health policies. 
  3. Guidelines/recommendations of the contract tracer will be followed. 
  4. The process regarding how to handle a positive COVID-19 case after the cohort period has ended has not yet been released by the State.

by posted 08/14/2020


I apologize for the delay, we were experiencing technical difficulties (translation...I couldn't figure out the issue!), but below are the links to access the 2020 Varsity Athletic Awards video, the Spring Senior Night parade video, and the photographs provided by Robert Taylor for the varsity awards video, which are available for free to download.


2020 Varsity Athletic Awards video:

https://youtu.be/Kly8EK6tAGo Part 1 of the video (Introductions, Fall/Winter sports)

https://youtu.be/Si3ty0vu6Ao Part 2 of the video (Spring sports,athlete/team of the year awards)


2020 Spring Senior Night Parade:


News 12 piece on the parade: 



Robert Taylor photographs free for download:



Thank you.

Athletic Department

by posted 06/12/2020



Avery Rice-

Girls Soccer

University of Maryland

Rebecca Margolnick-

Cross Country/Track

Sacred Heart University

Andrew Cutter-


Eastern CT State University

Juliana Zaccagnino-

Cross Country/Track

Southern CT State


Tiago Frazao-


Endicott College

Nicola Milovanov-


University of 

New Haven

Brandon Csizmadia-


Roger Williams University

Hunter FitzGibbons-


Rochester Institute of Technology

Vincent DiLeo-


College of Wooster

Julia Huzi-


Johnson and Wales University

Caitlin Rodko-


Lawrence University

Coby Levison-


Bates College

Isabella Basic-


Salve Regina University

De’ja Salahuddin-


Central CT State University

Emily Gell


Springfield College



Nicholas Klaiber-

Cross Country/Track

Central CT State University

Justin Horvath-


Roger Williams University

Robert Goldstein-


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Alessandra Zaffina-

Cross Country/Track

Quinnipiac University

Emily Alexandru-

Cross Country/Track

University of Virginia



Jaime Tolk-

Track- Pole Vault

Trinity College

Carolyn Cardell-


Fordham University







by posted 06/12/2020
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