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Message from Athletic Director:   Weekly Workout 4/5/20     Weekly...

Congratulations to Coach Petroccio for becoming a finalist for the National...

Message from Athletic Director:


Weekly Workout 4/5/20



Weekly Workout


4/5/20: Week 2 

Same work-out as week 1 (2-3 times per week)

Plus 2-3 days of cardio (30 minutes or longer).  Run, bike, use the treadmill - whatever works best for you.  If your cardio work-out has you leaving your home, please discuss with your parents first.  


3/29/20: Week 1 (2-3 times per week) 


Forward Lunges       4 sets of 8 (each leg)

Squats                      4 sets of 10

Calf Raises               4 sets of 12

Stork Raises             3 sets of 6


Upper Body    

Push-ups                 4 sets of 25

Dips (use a bench or chair)    4 sets of 10

Bicep Curls              4 sets of 12

Pull-ups (if possible)         4 sets - as many as possible



Sit-ups                    4 sets of 25

Traditional Plank    4 sets of 45 seconds

Leg Raise (6” of floor)      4 sets of 45 seconds



There are lots of good videos online to help demonstrate and explain each activity to supplement the explanation below.


Forward Lunge - Stand with both feet under your shoulders.  Step forward with one leg.  With your other leg, bring your knee to the ground. Return to original standing position.


  1. If you stepped forward with your right knee, after your left knee is down, your right knee should not extend past your toes.  If so, take a bigger step next time.
  2. Feel free to add weight doing this exercise by holding weights in your hands while they dangle by your thighs (preferable) or by wearing a back pack with weight in it.

Squat - Keep knees in line with feet, toes pointed slightly out, sink hips towards the ground until your thighs are parallel to the floor while keeping your back straight as if you are sitting in a chair (don’t round shoulders or back forward). Return to standing position without moving your feet.


Calf Raises - Stand with your feet under your shoulders.  Raise up on your toes by raising your heel as high as possible.  Hold for 2 seconds and return to starting position.


  1. A great way to increase difficulty is to stand on a stair/step or raised structure.  Stand with your toes and balls of your feet on the raised structure with the back half of your foot suspended off of the structure.  This will allow you to greatly improve the range of motion.
  2. You can also increase difficulty by placing something heavy in your back pack and wearing the back pack during this exercise.


Stork Raises - Stand on one leg.  Bend the other leg at the knee and bring your heel towards your behind.  Lower your body as far as you can and raise your body back to the original position.  Balancing may be challenging.


Dips - Most people will not have two bars to use to perform traditional dips.  If you do, that is great - go for it.  If you don’t, you can modify by doing the following:  place your arms a little wider than shoulder width on a sturdy bench, chair or sofa.  Extend your legs out in front of you as far as they will reach.  Lower your body towards the floor and raise back up to the starting position.  Be careful not to hit your back on the structure your hands are on.


Bicep Curls - Most people will not have dumbbells at home.  If not, be creative and find something heavy to hold.  For example, use an empty milk jug and curl a gallon of water (about 8 1/2 lbs.) or fill it with sand (about 12 1/2 lbs.) os use a 5 gallon bucket (filled to the top with sand it will weight about 64 lbs. or with water about 42 lbs.). Fill it to an appropriate weight.  Be careful if you use liquid without a lid.


Pull-ups - Most people won’t have a pull-up bar at home.  A simple  modification can be to use a broom stick across two chairs.  Lay with your chest underneath the bar and extend your legs forward.  Pull your body up to the bar keeping your legs straight.


Planks - Lay on your stomach. Place your elbow by your ribs and hands by your face.  Extend your body onto your forearms (sort of like a push-up position but on your forearms rather than on your hands).  Keep your back and legs straight.  Hold position for designated period of time.


Leg Raises - Lay on your back.  Place your hands under your behind.  Raise your legs about 6 inches off of the floor - keeping your legs together.  Hold position for designated period of time.


by posted 03/29/2020

Congratulations to Coach Petroccio for becoming a finalist for the National High School Coach of the Year in Football Award!  Coach Petroccio is one of eight finalists and will be travelling to Lincoln, Nebraska this summer for the National High School Coaches Association convention where a winner will be named.  

by posted 01/31/2020
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