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4.5.A. AMATEUR ATHLETIC GUIDELINES An amateur athlete is one who participates in athletics solely for the physical, mental, social and educational benefits derived from such participation. The following are the basic principles involved in the amateur code, which, if violated, could result in the loss of eligibility for the student-athlete:

A. Participation in any athletic activity under an assumed name is strictly prohibited.

B. Permissible awards/rewards include items that are symbolic in nature, including letters, sweaters, jackets, pins, trophies, rings, inscribed watches, etc. A student-athlete may accept a monetary award under the United States Olympic Committee’s “Operation Gold” program without compromising his/her eligibility for CIAC competition. Operation Gold awards athletes for top place finishes in a sport’s most competitive international competition of the year. No other award of monetary value may be granted to any student-athlete without prior approval by the CIAC.

C. Participation on an amateur sports team in which the student-athlete receives, directly or indirectly, any salary, gift cards, incentive payment, gratuity or expense allowance other than actual and necessary travel allowances, and room/board expenses for practice and games is prohibited. Beyond reasonable, travel, meal and lodging expenses, a student-athlete may accept sports-related paraphernalia with a monetary value not to exceed $500.00.

D. A student-athlete may not sign a contract or verbally commit with a professional sports organization (whether for financial consideration or not); or, receive a salary or any form of financial assistance from a professional sports organization.

E. A student-athlete may participate as an individual, or as a member of a team against professional athletes, or as a member of a team on which there are some professionals who are not currently under contract with a professional team and are not receiving payment for their participation; but he/she may not participate on a professional team.

F. Accepting a nominal standard fee or salary for instructing, supervising or officiating in an organized sports program or working in a recreation, playground, or camp activities shall not jeopardize amateur status. “Organized programs” include both school and non-school programs. Compensation for giving private lessons is permissible if circumstances parallel the above statement.

G. Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). A student-athlete may profit off the use of their own name, image, and likeness (NIL), and be represented by an attorney or sports agent, subject to their compliance with this policy. Such permissible activities include commercial endorsements, promotional activities, social media presence, product or service advertisements. A member school may use a student-athlete’s NIL in connection with official team activities. Otherwise, no one employed by a member school, including coaches and administrators, may be involved with a student-athlete’s use of their NIL except as needed to enforce this policy. 87

4.0 ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION Student-athletes are required to provide their member school copies of any endorsement, employment and representation agreements. Student-athletes are prohibited from entering into any agreement that conflicts with an agreement to which the member school is a party. Student-athletes are prohibited from making any reference to, and will not otherwise use or authorize others to use the logos, insignia, or identifying marks of, a member school, the CIAC, and/or any CIAC or member school event, game or championship when engaging in any NIL activity. Student-athletes may not endorse or promote any third-party entities, goods, or services during CIAC school team activities. Student-athletes may not wear the apparel or display the logo, insignia, or identifying mark of an NIL partner during any CIAC school team activities. Student-athletes are prohibited from engaging in any NIL activities involving the following categories of products and services: • Adult entertainment products and services; • Alcohol, tobacco, and nicotine products; • Cannabis products; • Controlled dangerous substances; • Prescription pharmaceuticals; • Gambling, including sports betting, the lottery, and betting in connection with video games, on-line games, and mobile devices; and • Weapons, firearms, and ammunition. Note: Compliance with this provision does not ensure maintenance of eligibility under the eligibility standards of other athletic organizations, such as, but not limited to, the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, etc. Student-athletes are encouraged to communicate with those organizations to ensure any activity complies with those eligibility standards.

Reinstatement of Amateur Eligibility – Rule III.C. of the CIAC Code of Eligibility states, “Violation of Rule II.F. shall mean that the pupil is suspended from all interscholastic athletics until he or she shall have been reinstated by the Board of Control of the CIAC.”