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Michael W. King

Athletic Director, Trumbull High School

72 Strobel Road    Trumbull  CT 06610

203 452-4557  



Dear Athletes and Parents:
Again this year, a much greater emphasis will be made regarding sportsmanship and spectator behavior at all FCIAC and CIAC schools.  Below is a packet covering the expectations of the athletes and spectators during athletic contests.  Please read this packet and discuss the material.  In addition, Athletic Directors and their staff members around the league are going to implement measures during athletic events to support these sportsmanship expectations.  Please be cognizant of this and cooperate with school personnel around the league.
In addition, all athletes will participate in a sportsmanship centered evaluation of their team, their opponent, and the spectators. The results will be shared with opposing schools to attempt to promote and raise awareness of sportsmanship around the league.
I am very glad to say that the vast majority of our athletes and parents conduct themselves in a manner that reflects very positively on the Trumbull community.  Please make every attempt to continue this trend and make our athletic events as enjoyable as possible.
Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Michael W. King     

The Student-Athlete:
  • Will accept the responsibility and privilege the student-athlete has in representing their school and community by learning and showing teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline in all aspects of the game .
  • Will demonstrate respect for self, coach, teammates, opponents, officials and spectators by exhibiting good character and conducting themselves as a positive role model.
  • Will win and lose graciously.
  • Will have a thorough knowledge of and abide by all rules of the came and CIAC.
  • Will work for the good of the team at all times.
  • Will cheer for your team, not against your opponent.
  • Will congratulate opponents in a sincere manner following either victory or defeat.
The Spectator:
  • Should show respect and courtesy to both players and fans from opposing teams.
  • Should know and understand the rules of the game.
  • Should enjoy and acknowledge good performance from players on all teams.
  • Must respect the decisions of the officials and demonstrate self control and restraint if they make a poor call, recognizing that they, too, are human.
  • Must recognize that attending a high school athletic contest is a privilege to enjoy the contest, not a license to verbally assault officials or coaches.
  • Should congratulate players, coaches and fans from both sides following a well played contest.
  • Should denounce fans who are abusive or use profanity.
  • Must be guided by the phrase: