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At THS, responsible behavior begins with the desire to be a positive contributing member of the school community. Participation in athletic and/or extracurricular activities at THS is a privilege and demands certain commitments and responsibilities. The school system and the community have a high level of expectations for the students who represent our high school and who benefit from its programs. Students will take pride in themselves, accept responsibility for their own actions and support others in their efforts to do the same. Students can expect support from the adults in their lives (educators/coaches/parent/guardian) to adhere to the commitments and expectations of this policy.
The Trumbull High School Conduct Code is in effect the entire school year from the onset of the first preseason practice/activity to the last school day activity as described in the student handbook. Any infraction(s) of the THS Conduct Code by student/athletes will be subject to disciplinary action by the athletic department in conjunction with administrative disciplinary action. Out of season violations of this policy may affect in season participation as determined by the Administration/Athletic Director. Factors that are pertinent to such a determination may include, but are not limited to:
  • Prior record of substance misconduct;
  • Consent to and compliance with appropriate therapeutic/behavioral intervention(s);
  • Proximity of the misconduct to the beginning of the athletic season - i.e., misconduct occurring within 30 days of the onset of the season will jeopardize athletic/extracurricular standing.
Athletic Department Disciplinary Action
First Offense: A student, after confirmation of a first offense, will be put on probation for 7-14 calendar days. During this probationary time, the student:
  • Will not practice or travel with the team;
  • Will not participate in any competition/performances;
  • Loses all awards for the season;
  • Will attend a meeting with parents/guardians, coach/extracurricular advisor, and the Athletic
  • Director/Administrative Representative before reinstatement to the team: Will deliver an apology to his/her team.
Second Offense: The student, after confirmation of a second offense during the same school year, will be suspended for the remainder of the current sport season. A third offense in the same school year will disqualify that individual for the remainder of that school year. In addition, the student:
  • Will meet with the parents/guardians, coach/extracurricular advisor, Athletic Director and Principal;
  • Will be required to meet with guidance for counseling referral.

Appeals Process: A student may appeal to the Athletic Director/Principal. Before participation may resume, the student must have a conference with his/her coach/advisor. The student is responsible for scheduling this meeting.

Additional Rules and Procedures: Any additional rules and procedures may be established by the coach/advisor within the guidelines for participation listed above. Consequences for violation of additional rules and procedures shall be determined by the coach/advisor with prior verbal and written descriptions at the beginning of the season/activity. Upon return from an expulsion the student's future athletic eligibility will be at the discretion of the Athletic Director and the School Administration
Student Leaders/Captains: participation in extracurricular activities (including athletics) at THS is a privilege and demands certain commitments and responsibilities. Students will take pride in themselves and in their school and community. They are expected to take an active role in establishing high standards of conduct for others to follow. Student leaders are expected to display exemplary behavior. They will demonstrate to their peers character traits that are admirable and behaviors that are in every way just and considerate of others. Team captains are expected to adhere to the participation rules and maintain expected behavior for leadership from the time of election/appointment to that position through the school year. Failure to do so on the first offense will result in removal from that leadership position(s). Continued participation in that sport is acceptable, but the position of leadership is removed for the duration of the season.
The Trumbull High School Student Handbook rules apply to all student-athletes. Each coach has the right to add additional rules, which pertain to his/her sport. Student-athletes who embarrass themselves, their coach or their team, their parents or Trumbull High School by their actions, will be subjected to disciplinary action by the coach, Athletic Director or Administration. Athletic participation is a "privilege" and not a "right". Suspension or termination of the participation "privilege" is within the discretion of the Athletic Director, coach and School Administration.